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Do you want to figure out a way to define your purpose in life?  Do you have personal goals that you want to achieve, but not sure about the structure to achieve them? Would you like to know how most businesses strategically plan for long term success, and how these same techniques can be applied to your life personally? Then you have come to the right place.
My name is Kwamane Harris, and I am a seasoned Certified Professional Life Coach with a focus on personal strategic planning, and goal development. I have a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice from Ferrum College, and a Master of Business Administration from Western Governors University. I have been mentoring and coaching individuals for the past 5 years, and I know with my evidence-based methods I can help get you on a path to achieving ALL your life goals. I teach my clients how to first find their purpose, apply their purpose to their mission, and teaching them how to create smart, measurable, attainable, relative, and timely goals. I will admit these methods aren’t new, but if they work for billion-dollar companies why can’t they work for you?

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